Alteration in Parenting

(_)Actual (_) Potential

Related To:
[Check those that apply]
(_) Abusive
(_) Accident victim
(_) Acutely disabled
(_) Addicted to drugs
(_) Adolescent
(_) Alcoholic
(_) Breastfeeding difficulties
(_) Change in family unit
(_) Economic problems
(_) Emotionally disturbed
(_) Lack of extended family
(_) Lack of knowledge
(_) Relationship problems
(_) Separation from nuclear family
(_) Single parent
(_) Terminally ill
(_) Unrealistic expectations of self, infant, partner
(_) Other:_____________________________


As evidenced by:
[Check those that apply]
Must be present)
(_) Innappropriate parenting behaviors.
(_) Lack of parental attachment behavior.
May be present)
(_) Frequent verbalization of dissatisfaction or disappointment with infant/child.
(_) Verbalization of frustration of role.
(_) Verbalization of perceived or actual inadequacy.
(_) Diminished or inappropriate visual, tactile, or auditory stimulation.
(_) Evidence of abuse or neglect of child.
(_) Growth and development lag in infant/child.


Date &
Plan and Outcome
[Check those that apply]
Nursing Interventions
[Check those that apply]
The patient will:(_) Begin to verbalize positive feelings re: child, self.(_) Demonstrate increased attachment behaviors such as holding infant close, talking to infant, eye contact.

(_) Initiate active role in child’s care.

(_) Identify activities that defer and promote successful breast feeding.

(_) Identify outside resources for support/guidance:

(_) Demonstrate ability to care for infant.

(_) Identify support system.

(_) Other:


(_) Assess causative or contributing factors.(_) Eliminate/reduce contributing factors.(_) Promote ongoing attachment process by:_______________

(_) Assist to identify and contact appropriate outside resources.

(_) Will assist patient to identify support system and assess strengths and weaknesses.

(_) Provide support to parents/support system by:____

(_) Provide interventions that promote parents and s/o self esteem.

(_) Counsel the parent(s) on assessed needs.

(_) Consult with:______________

(_) Encourage mother/father to feed, diaper, dress, bathe child.

(_) Promote successful breastfeeding by:

  • proper positioning
  • eye to eye contact
  • feeding on demand
  • encourage rooming in
  • proper latching on of infant to breast
  • other

(_) Other:________________


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